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Thread: Notice: Turning off Facebook Connectivity Temporarily

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    Exclamation Notice: Turning off Facebook Connectivity Temporarily

    There's been a coding issue with Facebook that has lead to the domain of to redirect to unknown URLs associated with Facebook. It's keeping some people from accessing or logging onto MerNetwork, giving an error of too many redirects.

    I have the IT folks on the server company we're with taking a look at it. There's something up with the code, but they haven't totally sorted it out.
    Right now they're telling me a short term fix would be to disable the option to sign in with Facebook (and other Facebook connectivity to the forum) so I turned it off to see if that helps at all.
    I know that Facebook has been rolling out updates with their code starting this past week, so it might have something to do with it. And as we all know, it takes them a while to roll out updates as they do it in chunks. I believe the reason it's affecting some people and not others is that those people have gotten the updates while others have not (yet).

    So for now, Facebook connectivity is turned off. If you regularly log in with Facebook, don't worry, your account has not been deleted! If you're having issues logging in without, it please PM me or Malinghi, or contact us at

    We'll continue working on fixing this. It's possible it may be fixed with a forum software update, so that's the next to try in our troubleshooting.

    Feel free to post updates or issues in this thread. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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    Thanks so much! I've felt so hobbled lately and I don't even use the login through Facebook option!

    Good luck!


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