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Thread: Can't decide if a silicone tail is for me, experience with silicone tails?

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    Can't decide if a silicone tail is for me, experience with silicone tails?

    What are your personal experiences with silicone tails?

    Nermation just came out with a tail that is lighter weight and cost $1500, compared to custom tails that cost $3000 on average. $3000 was way out of reach, but $1500 is doable..but even though I gauk over silicone tails, I don't want to be the person who uses is a few times and then has to resell it. I have a fabric tail and love swimming in it, but I'm thinking I should continue to save up for the new $1500 mernation design and in a few months make my choice.

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    Well, only you can answer that question, really! The majority of mers absolutely love their silicone tail, but there have been a few that have gotten them and decided silicone wasn't for them. It mostly has to do with the fact that they're higher maintenance- harder to carry around and transport, harder to get on, harder (and a lot more time consuming) to take care of, etc. It can seriously take an hour of your time for post-swim care of a silicone tail.

    If you're going for a lower weight tail, it can make it a bit easier just because it's not as heavy, but it's still something you have to take care of. Also, I read and the reason they're lighter weight is because the scales (and fluke) are a lot thinner. Chances are, you're going to need to be able to patch that, because thinner ones are damaged more easily. You can put your fingernail through it on accident while putting it on if you're nails aren't short and you're not careful.

    I suggest you read the Tail Care and Maintenance thread and look into what all it means to take care of a silicone tail and see if you're down for that.

    Either way, you have a while to think about it.

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    I agree with what Winged Mermaid said. When I saw MerNation's new tail and saw that it is thinner, my mind went straight to how that could be easier to damage. Recently I have been noticing tail thicknesses mentioned in video reviews and I know that mers who perform frequently like thicker tails because they are more sturdy. Of course it probably would be a good introductory silicone tail being that it is lighter and not very elaborate.

    Basically I think their new tail design would be a great intro to silicone tails as long as you understood that it is just that - a beginner tail that may not last as long or hold up as well as a more expensive tail.

    The real problem, which is something I have pondered a ton on, is do you go ahead and buy the cheaper silicone tail because you want a silicone tail now, or do you continue to faithfully save so that you will eventually have enough to buy a higher end tail with all of the bells and whistles of your dreams. Because while it is nice to get a silicone tail now, once you spend that $1,500 you are back to 0 and you have to start saving all over again if you want another silicone tail.
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    I have a friend currently contemplating Mernations latest offer and I advised her against it. Instead I recommended that she buy Mernations basic one color tail (that costs only $200 more) and just add a little bit of coloring on her own with some pigmented silicone and an airbrush. It won't end up being much more than their thin option but I am fairly certain it will last longer and be of a higher quality.
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    That's good advice (to all of the comments), I think saving the extra few hundred for the one color would be a wise choice.

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    Yeah Rett that was very smart advise!
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    Sorry I am late to the party! I think maybe I will be getting the one color tail after reading this thread. I do have a question though. I have heard that colors added to a tail that is already done doesn't stay on. Is it true?


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