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Thread: Not sure if I should get Mernation's new Genesis tail, or go for the next one up...

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    Not sure if I should get Mernation's new Genesis tail, or go for the next one up...

    Mernation came out with a $1500 full silicone tail, but it's made with less silicone so it's thinner. I love the price and how they allow a two color blend, but I'm worried about breaking it easier. I'm VERY careful with my fabric tail, so I know I would be even more careful with a silicone tail (and make sure I do my tail-care research) but do you think it would be a lot eaiser to tear? I've posted something similar to this a few days ago but I wanted to do a thread specific to this tail, so sorry if you've replied to that previous thread!

    I would rather spend less on a color blend, than spend a few hundred more on a one color that I would have to paint detail onto. But how easy could the thinner one be damaged? How thick are regular silicone tails?

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    Chances are, when you get the tail it will already be past it's green period and you won't be able to paint any more on it. Plus you'd have to get silicone and pigments (and if you wanted it smoother, an expensive airbrush setup) to paint it.

    The only people who can really tell you would be MerNation, or someone who has both kinds of tails. Every tail maker has different thicknesses, also. I remember the last time I saw a MerNation tail (Dottie's tail) it was really thick, thicker than my tail or some Finfolk tails I'd seen. But they may have made theirs thinner by now, I'm not sure.

    Otherwise, I would probably compare the thickness to Raina's first silicone tail from Merbellas (was made very thin upon her request) and her regular thickness tails she got later from Merbellas. Both of which I've seen and looked at closely in person. There's quite a difference in thickness, and I know Raina had to constantly patch that first tail, but she was using it a lot. She took really good care of that tail, though, and it still needed repairs frequently. I know that it was enough of an issue and/or potential issue that Raven said she wouldn't be making tails that thin again. But that's just what I observed, you'd have to ask Raina or someone with both kinds of MerNation tails for more info.

    In the end, it's totally up to you- mull it over for a while. I know that when I saved up that amount of money, I decided to wait longer and save more so I could get my Merbellas tail. It took me a long time to save it all up (4 years), but IMO, it was worth it.

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    Mernation tails are super thick by nature. Even with their 'thinner cast' tails I wouldn't say it'd be drastically thinner than the average tail on the market. And Mernation always make very durable tails. They also used to make a light silicone tail for about $1500 with the one colour option and I've never heard any complaints about them. Maybe give it a month or so, see if any reviews pop up. But I'd feel very confident ordering from them if it were me.

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