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Thread: And alas, I am a mermaid!

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    And alas, I am a mermaid!

    Hi y'all! I have always always always dreamed of being a mermaid, as I am sure most of you did growing up. Then two things happened: I decided to never grow up, and I learned that I really could be one! I am loving this adventure and the friends from all walks of life I have gotten to meet along the way. I love modeling in my tail, although I hope to have a silicone one some day, and I love to swim in it for hours! Thank you for welcoming me to the Texas Pod! Also, I'm big into Scuba!

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    Welcome, I hope you'll enjoy the summer weather is a bit longer than seasonally known. Things tend to slow down o. The forums a bit in the cooler weather, but here's to see you around meets! <3


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