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Thread: A thread to discuss tops and binders for trans mermen

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    A thread to discuss tops and binders for trans mermen

    I saw people talking about this in another thread, and I figured it would be helpful to make a place to collect info about tops and accessories for trans mermen.

    Also, let me know if you guys think it would make sense to have this thread under "Gender and Sexuality Discussions". I think the fact this thread is about clothing means it makes more sense to put it here, but if people think it will be easier to find in "Gender and Sexuality Discussions" I can move it there.

    Some useful info that exdraghunt posted in the thread Trans* mers?

    "Can you swim in a gc2b binder?Short answer: YES.
    Things to consider:
    - a size up from your regular fit
    - listen to your body and your comfort levels
    - take the binder off/cease the activity if you notice any pain or discomfort breathing
    - know your limits
    - do not try to put your binder on while you or the binder is wet
    - take a wet binder off with care & patience
    - have a dedicated swimming binder to ensure that you have a dry one available after swimming
    - if you have extenuating health conditions that might affect you while binding, we strongly recommend checking in with your doctor before binding"
    If you have any sewing skills, you can take binders in. I often do it as my binders stretch out over time, get some more life out 'em. I usually start by shortening the shoulder-straps, which keeps it from riding low and showing off cleavage, then taking in center back or side seams little by little as needed.
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    I think it's a great idea to have it here, that way it's easier for top makers and/or buyers to put in there two cents.

    I'm not trans myself but, I have been wanting to try out a "shark skin" top for trans mermen. It would have grey and white neoprene, the white would be in the underbelly like on a regular shark, broader up towards the shoulder area, and the shirt itself would have a wife beater cut to it. Along the seam lines however, use twine to make larger "decorative" stitches. Maybe paint on a knife wound somewhere.
    On the inside, there would be an extra layer in the chest area, to help flatten out the chest, but the neoprene can also do a lot of the work. Like those tank tops with the built-in bras. (Except, with material that could actually do something.)

    That way, you look badass because you made a shirt out of a shark you killed, plus, your breast tissue is flattened out to look like pecs. Length of the shirt is all dependant on what that mer thinks would look better. (I personally like the idea of almost all the way to the waist.)

    I've had this idea for a while, just haven't tried making it yet.

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    has there been discovered a new/better swimsuit binder? my chest is just too big to use the double bra method any more, and im afraid of the constricting feeling while swimming.
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