Hello Mers! I am Laura the Mermaid of The MerFriends, and I am roadtripping from Texas to California. I will be passing through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and then into California where I will visit Sacramento and then into Los Angeles. Can I bum a free mermaid stay anywhere along the way? Couches are awesome! I come with my own pillow and toiletries even. Just trying not to spend a small fortune in hotels. I might not have steady internet as I journey, so if you see this message on the date listed, that's the date I am arriving in town. PLEASE call or text my cell to insure I see your note. 817-269-2105. Thanks! And it's a dumb phone, fyi. No emojis or anything fancy. Plain texts or calls. Thanks! I look forward to meeting as many mers as possible along my journey!

El Paso, Texas 10-31-16
Albuquerque, New Mexico Nov. 1
Grand Canyon Visitor's Center, AZ, Nov. 2
Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 3
Sacramento, CA, Nov. 4
LA, CA, Nov. 5