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Thread: Mermaid Raven's new tail

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    very nice! great idea.
    come find Mermaid-Odette on facebook!
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    I heard you (raven) have a waiting list for your tails?
    How does one go about getting on that list?

    I (and I imagine every one else) got big boogly sparkle filled eyes at the sight of your work.

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Size:  88.8 KBSome pictures of this tail in action. This was the first time I got to swim in this tail and I'm extremely happy with how well it moved in the tank. exactly what I wanted <3
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    It's GORGEOUS Raven! You are soooo talented, and it's nice to see you in something different than the Splash-esque warm colors on your other tails.
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    as I said on FB AMAZEBALLS

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    That is phenomenal!! I can't believe how detailed it is! Nice work!
    - Loren Eisley

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    Raven, you are beyond talented as an artist. I don't even know if there is a word that describes your degree of expertise! I really enjoy making my own things, especially to keep finances as fair as possible with my baby and all, but I really really really would like to invest in one of your creations. If there is a waiting list, please do add me. I would be honored to own and love one of your creations

    Your work is out of this world! <3

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    Would love to see a video of you in your new tail Raven. :>
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    Incredible work. Ugh, there are no words, it's just beautiful!!

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    I am a jellyfish. So, so jelly.

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    Amazing! It looks quite realistic, as well as gorgeous
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    That. tail. is. awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    as I said on FB AMAZEBALLS

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisankatie View Post
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    I am in love with your new tail Raven! I would absolutely LOVE to have one!!! LOVE the bio-luminescence!!! VERY gorgeous.
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    Wow.. wow! holy smokes! I agree with SireniaSolaris!
    If there is a waiting list put me on it! Your tails is amazing and i would love to swim in one <3
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    I just noticed, was there a blacklight over the tank? Since you can see the blue dots
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    O_O Just amazing. Seriously amazing! I also LOVE the hip belt you have on; it looks like seaweed! Would love to own a similar one! Oh btw we used the lovely headpiece in my Little Mermaid burlesque routine last night! It looked perfect on my sexy Sea Witch's hair. ;D

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    Wow, that Tail is amazing o.O I want a Tail like that I dont have a Tail because im to young but i want to buy one later =) Im new in this forum to look what tails are good and to have more informations of mermaiding =)

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