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Thread: Mermaid Raven's new tail

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    Ok,now: I put together all the replies!
    Me -> *.*

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    Oh my god!! Your tail is just WOW!!!!

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    That's a great tail xD
    The brightness of the colors is very great, it really makes it shine through the discoloration of the water.

    It's a full silicone tail right? I've never understood how to do that o_O don't you need to livecast your legs?
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    I think I'm a tail addict lol

    After I completed my white tail I started working on my next tail, which I finally completed today with lots of help from my wonderful Fiancé Tyler <3
    I didn't really intend for it to be rainbow, I had actually planned on doing a black tail but as soon as I started painting inspiration and my lack of ability to stop adding colors hit lol.

    Any who here are some pics...
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    I have a few other tails in the works (for other people ) that I'm really excited to complete, they are going to be SO lovely. Hopefully have those done very soon, please fallow my facebook etsy page for pictures of those tails.

    Much Love,
    Mermaid Raven <3
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    That first tail is amazing, Raven! And I love the second one. All those colours are beautiful...I can only imagine how long that took to make.

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    Wow. I actually just said "holy sh*t" outloud. Amazing job!!!!
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    Oh my freaking fish. That second tail is stunning!
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    WOW...Raven that rainbow tail is so beautiful!!
    I Believe

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    raven you have some talent im telling you, I guess even the artist can't control what the "canvas" decides it wants to be. I love the shades of colors, great job

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    I have never seen a tail so amazing. This is so freaking amazing Raven. I am going to start saving for another tail from you hahaha. Maybe when I'm 27!

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    where that mer meme with the rainbow tears haha

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    I LOOOVE IT! I can't wait to get a tail of my own! i have no idea though what it would look like but fabulous work >.<!

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    Again, stunning tail and beautiful work! Now I am going, "Oh crap" because that was pretty much the painting scheme I am getting for my Thom Shouse tail (except for the orange/red tips). Now I need to rethink my paints...

    Beautiful work with the mini fins too! Your tails are most impressive!

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    Raven, your tails are simply STUNNING! I would in time love to own one. I'll save up for as long as i have to to own one of these.
    You are an amazing artist, and you never cease to amaze me.
    Keep up the amazing work!
    User formerly known as "Mermaid Brooke".

    Mermaid Rillia

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    Seriously though, you are just creating every single color scheme that I have ever imagined in the best possible way!!! (i am not insinuating anything, by the way just that we seem to think along the same wavelength) Your tails are stunning and I cannot wait until I can actually afford one/be able to make one of the same caliber.

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    So pretty <3 The colors are fantastic! :3

    DEFINITELY going to buy one from you some day.
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    Your tails are beyond amazing.
    I really hope one day I can get one ;u; <333

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    Do you have a website in which one could order a tail ?

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    Mermaid Raven is the owner of Merbella Studios:

    Here is a page about how to order from Merbellas:
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