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Thread: Business Loans for Future Mermaids?

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    Business Loans for Future Mermaids?

    I actually had a question in regards to the mers who have gone professional or are in the process of going professional.

    I've been at my wits end trying to find business funding for both 2 silicone mermaid tails (an Ariel inspired one and another one based on my original mermaid persona Nymphia) as well as other things such as sound system stereos for music, making costumes for eventual mertenders and additional performers and just getting this really big business going. Gofundme has helped a little bit and my family was totally on board with some partial funding, but things have been a bit rocky since my seasonal position at Seaworld is almost ending, and . I'm honestly trying to keep positive about the whole thing but it's been hard to say the least.

    As far as say bank funding goes? How does one even go about creating a business plan for a mermaid performing company. How does one present it? Where would be some good recommendations as far as funding goes? I'm taking scuba certification classes to kind of start off in a good direction, I'm passing them easily but even those have been super slow. I just wanna start so badly, badly to the point that even the thought of waiting just puts a bit damper on my emotional state.

    I'll leave my gofundme in here but I just feel lost. Not really knowing what to do.

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    my third book is basically a handbook so that you have everything you need to create and answer everything for a business plan. My first book also has many resources as well I made my third book specifically so you could go through the whole thing, answer all the questions, type it up, and submit it. I have been very successful in getting funding for my company.

    Check out my resources if you havent already

    There's also a sale on the paperback versions of my books on the website if you use this code:

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    Or you can get the PDF and print it!

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    Have you ever thought about starting your own loan business? I'm currently gathering all the information I need to get it up and running and make a profit.

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