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Thread: A little nervous but excited to be here!

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    A little nervous but excited to be here!

    Hello everyone, my name is Nux and I'm new to the mer-community. I'm a little nervous about joining because I don't really fit the classic role or image of a mermaid. With my short silver and black dyed hair, and my first tattoo to happen in about a week and a half, I'm afraid I won't fit in here. I'm not really a girly-girl and I can come off as a bit cold when you first meet me but that is mostly due to my anxiety. I guess I just want to be able to fit in here.

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    Hello and Welcome!! You know if I've learned anything about merfolk- it's that they are just as varied and unique as the fish in the sea!
    I understand how the anxiety can be though. However, I have seen a few Mers on here (including professionals)who have tattoos.

    Hugs and Fishes and an extra big Welcome!

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    Thank you! It makes me feel so much better to hear you say that and it boosts my confidence that I can fit in here.

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    Welcome! I'm new here is well and I understand the anxiety. I am sure you'll fit in here just fine!

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    Welcome! I'm Misty, and I hope you have a wonderful time here!

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    It's nice to know I'm not the only newbie here. Welcome to you too!

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    We sirens aren't all 'girly girls' thankfully.

    Welcome to the community! I'm not sure what your experience is with mermaiding but I hope it helps with the anxiety. <3

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    Thanks Mer Coralia, I've always loved the water and when I found out that there was a profession where you can be a mermaid I was immediately in love with the idea and the community, but in middle school and part of high school I was told that I wasn't good enough or pretty enough or that I was just a freak and stupid so it's taken me awhile to even JOIN the community. Hopefully as I become a part of this lifestyle I'll also become more confident in myself. Might as well try!

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    Mermaid Nuxx
    You took the words right out of my mouth! I feel the same way.

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    Welcome! Yes there are all kinds of mers here! You will fit right in!

    Many mers have tattoos as well. One merman (it might be Merman Dan) has tons of cool aquatic tattoos!
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    Welcome! I'm also a newbie and we seem to be about the same person (though your hair sounds way cooler than mine). I was nervous to join, too, but so far everyone seems nice and don't seem to bat an eye at us newcomers! Everyone here has a lot in common, mainly the fact that we're all very large fishes with two legs at heart!

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    Haha yeah, I must admit that I'm already loving it here. Still too nervous to show my face yet but maybe soon.

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    Welcome to the network. I just started with the community over the summer last year. I'm 40 which is a bit old for starting out and I'm completely covered in tattoos. We are all different lol no need to be nervous. Since last summer I've made a tail, am in process of making another, better one, I have found a pod of wonderful local mer in my area and have actually done a dry event at a Renn fair. So much has happened in my mermaid life since I discovered this whole world exists! Good luck in your adventures

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    Welcome Im new here too and I can give off that impression of bening cold as well. I Love thise hair color's~ I am sure you fit in just fine.
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