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Thread: Mermaid Hair Ideas?

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    Mermaid Hair Ideas?

    Hello Fellow Model Mermaids!

    I recently did a big'ol search on the different ways to get the Mermaid waves I see on TV and I came up with 10! Video tutorials and all.

    Hopefully this will limit the time you are searching for Ideas. Let me know if you have any other tricks of the trade I need to try.

    10 Ways to Get Mermaid Beachy Hair Waves


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    For my hair I always used the three ring barrel. But the deep overnight curling method sounds simple enough that I might try it lol Thanks for the great tips

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    No Problem! I actually just filmed a video for two hair tutorials! Turned out great! I will share them with you after the finishing touches.


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    Finished the Video Check it out!
    My roommate is a hair dresser and did 2 different ways to make Mermaid Hair that I didn't know of before.


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