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Thread: What's your type of mermaid style?

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    I don't quite know. On one hand, I like kinda Greciany mermaids like from The Little Mermaid, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and such. On the other, celtic and norse mythology with selkies and sirens and such is pretty cool. I'd say siren, because of my aptitude to singing and music, but idk if there's any mythological support for male sirens. I'm definitely super chill about everything though, it takes a lot to get me angry.
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    Oh, this is such a difficult one! My personality, I think is pretty moral, sweet, and pure, although I kinda want to be more than "the nice one" with my friends, which is what I've been for years. I'm pretty level headed, loyal, and I love the arts. In terms of my flaws, I can be quite stubborn, self conscious, and incredibly naive from time to time.

    In terms of myself as a mer, even though I don't have a tail or anything, I would definitely be a siren/triton, because of how much I love to sing. If I've talked to you before, you might know that I'm really into Musical Theater, and in another thread soon, I'll talk about it. My deep vibrato definitely reminds me of Sirens in movies and similar characters. Since I uphold a strong moral code, but am naive, I guess I kinda don't really understand what I'm doing with my voice.

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    I see myself a playful and innocent, however, my mersona is really vain. Not really siren or dangerous. She's comes to land when she's bored!

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