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Thread: Derping in my dorm

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    Derping in my dorm

    So I altered a bra to look more mermaidy and then put on this tail my grandma got me for christmas and this was the end result. Working on fitness so I don't look as much like a beluga

    I'm on mobile!

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    You're a pretty beluga lol never be ashamed of your chub
    (I'm just trying to send positive vibes, hope that didn't come off as creepy)

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    Wow, I love that tail! And the bra is really cute! You look lovely. And good luck with your fitness journey.

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    Thanks guys ❤ and lol no creepy vibes received, just the positive!

    I'm on mobile!

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    Great job! I love the attention to detail!

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    You look really pretty

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