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Thread: Michigander Merfolk???

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    Michigander Merfolk???

    Hej~ I am new and was looking for Merfolk to talk to in Michigan. I am in the southeastern Michigan, Detroit area and love to learn more about everyone experiences and lifestyles as a mermaid or merman. I'll be going to Youmacon this year. Looking forward to speaking to you all.
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    Hey I'm in the holland area by Lake Michigan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victranic View Post
    Hey I'm in the holland area by Lake Michigan.
    I'm near Grand Rapids!

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    Hi! I'm currently located in the metro-Detroit area! I'm not logged in very often, but feel free to message me here or on Facebook (Mermaid Danielle), I'll reply when I can.

    Best Wishes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MerQueen Nerissa View Post
    I'm near Grand Rapids!

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    We should get together for a swim when the water gets warmer 😁

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    Michigander Merfolk???

    Quote Originally Posted by Victranic View Post
    We should get together for a swim when the water gets warmer

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    I'm near Monroe and go to school in South Central Michigan, and'll probably be going to youmacon too

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    I'm originally from the teal waters of Lake Charlevoix, but I've lived in Vancouver for the past 7 years now. Nice to see there's a few people out near where I'm from.

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    I used to live in Alpena myself... but now live south of the Indiana border!

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    I'm near Big Rapids, on three big lakes. :3 But I can also be found in Grand Rapids. I also go to the Great Lakes as often as I can.

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    If any michigan mers want to try to do a meetup before summer ends, let me know and I can try to plan one! My friends and I make up a pod of about 4, and my boyfriend is pretty handy with a camera so we could get some pictures and video!

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    Hello there! I am near Grand Rapids more specifically Spring Lake Grand haven area
    Be kind, Always.

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    Im the Hardy Dam mermaid I'm an hour north of Grand Rapids, 30 SW of Big Rapids, and my inlaws live down near Pontiac, MI. But we often go upnorth near Houghton Lake and Lake Leelanau during the summer. So I am pretty much a traveling mermaid all over Michigan.

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    Hi everyone! I have just started getting into mermaiding and I was wondering if there's anyone in the mid-Michigan area. Also I'm around Lansing, and I've been trying to find pools that allow monofins and I haven't been able to get very far. Are there any known pools that allow monofins, preferably in mid Michigan or in Metro Detroit? Thanks!

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    Hey all! I'm from the Traverse City area! Why do we all have to be so far apart!?!?
    Hoping to plan a Michigan Mermaid get-together sometime this summer though... if anyone is interested! It would likely be North of Traverse City a bit. ♥ No real details yet... since it is still in the "idea phase," but could be a way for our Michigan Pod to meet up!
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    I am from Nothern Michigan in Traverse City area.

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    im an hour away from Traverse City

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    Where at in Indiana? I’m in the northwest corner of the state.

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