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Thread: Waterproof brow makeup recommendations?

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    Waterproof brow makeup recommendations?

    I have seen a couple of threads about waterproof eye makeup, but those discussions usually have centered on mascaras and eyeshadow. I am a mermaid with very pale eyebrows and I like to have them filled in when in public. I have tried a couple of water resistant/waterproof brow products without much success. Have any merfolk out there encountered a good brow product that withstands swimming? Or is brow tinting the only truly waterproof option out there?

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    I have lighter brows naturally and dye them to match my dyed hair, but due to a couple reasons I have large bald spots in them I use the Anastasia brow wiz pencils and set it it with a brow gel and that seems to hold up just fine for me when I swim.

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    Yeah I just use Anastasia. I don't use the gel though, it is fine without for me.
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    Sorry, this is a bit late, but have you tried the peel-off brow tatoos? I think it's a Korean product.

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    aqua brow by makeup forever


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