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Thread: Anti-radiation wetsuit material

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    Anti-radiation wetsuit material

    It's been five years since the Fukushima power plant got destroyed by the 2011 tsunami, and started leaking radiactive contamination into the ocean on the east coast of Japan.

    I just stumbled across this press relaese by Yamamoto Corporation, the world's biggest manufacturer of wetsuit materials. It seems in response to the Fukushima disaster, they actually invented a special neoprene material that can reduce retention of radioactive contamination for people who have to swim in contaminated water

    Probably this will never be relevant to most people. The only application I can think of would be for making neoprene tails for mers in Japan who for some reason might be swimming on the east coast, but it's interesting to know it's available.

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    I guess this will be highly expensive?

    There are several nice lakes and rivers here which are "slightly" contaminated due to nuclear plants.
    One of the nicest and clearest lakes in Northern Germany, the Stechlin, was used for operating a nuclear test plant until the '90s.
    No one really wants to admit radioactivity has been leaked into the lake though, because the German policy for nuclear accidents is "just don't tell anyone and sweep it under the rug" instead of "tell the populace to stay inside for 3 days and not use any rainwater".
    Then there is the Baltic Sea, where tons of nuclear waste have been dumped over the years.

    So I guess such a suit could be useful outside of Japan.

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    Would be useful to us here on the West coast. Even in Australia.

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