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    RePost: Greetings from Newcastle!

    RePost from 'Introduce yourself!" Thread. Sorry for double up. Admin delete if unnecessary!)

    Hello to fellow mers!

    As it says, I am from Newcastle, Australia!
    I have always loved the ocean, and always been a swimmer. My family used to joke that I am more fish, and less human. Much like you all I am guessing!
    I recently was invited to be in a mermaid photoshoot, which really excited me. It was from there that I bought a merfin (from Mahina Mermaid) and set about making my first tail. The aim was to be able to swim in the tail so begun my sewing adventures.
    From there I have simply made more accessories, trialed new tail making techniques and generally reveled in all sorts of crafty goodness!!
    I am passionate about my countries amazing beaches, lakes, and creeks, and their conservation. I am sure you have all heard and seen out Great Barrier Reef, and how that beautiful haven for all sea creatures is under threat. My voice has been added to the masses to help save what is left.
    I hope to find a pod of my own to call home!
    Thanks! And happy swimming!

    (full credit to makeup/hair from and photo/editing from
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