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Thread: Tips on airbrushing?

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    Tips on airbrushing?

    Okay so I've tried airbrushing silicone before and I always seem to have an issue.

    My airbrush gets all gummed up, so I guess I'm not getting the silicone thin enough. I have novox silicone thinner from smooth on to thin it, but I'm not sure of the proportions to get it through an airbrush.

    Also, is it necessary to use psycho paint with the novox or can plain dragon skin be used instead of buying another product?

    I'm wondering if there's a favorite airbrush among those out there, I always seem to buy the cheap ones so that might be part of the issue.

    I've heard of people using Mica powder for the coloring of the silicone but smooth on does sell its own silicone pigments so I'm wondering if it's better to go with the brand, or if the mica pigments work well. I used Mica pigments on my last tail can't remember the brand but they have so many pretty colors! And I didn't seem to have much of an issue.

    Thanks for any help you can give mers!

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    Iím having similar problems. If I get the silicone thin enough to run thereís next to no pigmenting going on. Everything lays down in washes instead of solid opacity. Itís driving me insane. If anyone has answers to this or could direct us to another thread it would be much appreciated.

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    Everything you need to know should be in this tutorial. I've watched this like 100 times within the past few years. Saturate yourself in tutorials and you'll pick up many different ways on how to achieve your goal. That way you can pick and choose techniques, ultimately working the way that best suits you in the end.

    (replace the words "Platsil gel" with Dragonskin or Psycho paint in this tutorial. They work the exact same)

    For powdered pigments you're going to need to mix nearly too much pigment into your part B base before mixing in part A and your thinner. Wet pigments seem to be more opaque in my experience so you can always try a combo wet and powdered pigments. Honestly I have to do multiple base layers before I'm satisfied with full coverage so sometimes that's just how it is

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    I mix the silc pig from smooth on into dragonskin and cast with that, and it only takes a tiny bit. I could barely pick up a small enough amount on my stir stick to get my little 3oz castings the right color. The sample set they sell would last forever. If they have the color you want, I think they are the way to go.

    I cast my scales individually with dry pigment mixed in the silicone and it looks good but the mixing was quite a bit of work and I did get some unmixed powder showing up on the surface in some batches (the ones I did staying up all night trying to get my tail done).

    I don't have airbrushing experience but based on how easy each is to blend and how pigmented, I would start with the silc pig to make success likelier.


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