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Thread: New Cali Mermaid Hopeful!

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    New Cali Mermaid Hopeful!

    Hello all! I finally got the nerve to join after thinking about it for few months~
    I'm from the east SF Bay Area and looking to get started with mermaiding after getting the bug from my friend in Florida! I love the aesthetic and it looks like a great way to be more active while still doing something fun an enjoyable

    I've always loved swimming but I haven't found anywhere in my area to practice all year round. Any resources for getting started, and for how get started in my area, would be greatly appreciated ~~

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    (I'm the friend from Florida it's all my fault)
    I'd recommend listing yourself in the Pod of Cali so you can check out the section of the forum tailored to your state You should be able to track down some helpful info there and even catch wind of any upcoming meetups or where you can find out about them!
    I think I already drilled the "monofin/fabric tail first" lesson into your head so much you can recite it by now. I guess you could go see the monofins thread over here to check out companies you can purchase fins from?
    I'd also recommend if you haven't yet to check out the reference thread. It has all sorts of resources that can help a bunch when starting.
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    I welcome you to MerNetwork. This is one of the best place on the internet and we all hope we get to know you more

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    Welcome!! Explore the forum, you're sure to find tons of great info!

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    Welcome! I'm glad to hear that you "caught the mermaiding bug" from your friend; it gives me hope that some of my buddies will catch it from me! The more, the merrier, right?

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    I am a member of a private pool southern Fremont. The pool reopens in May and I will start hosting a monthly meetup. You are welcome to join us if you are interested.
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    Ooh that sounds lovely, I'd definately be interested especially if there's decent public transit access

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    Welcome to Mernetwork! Good to have you here.

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    YAY! anther cali mermaid!!!! XD Although I'm in north cali but welcome to the mermaiding community.

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