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Thread: Waves from Arkansas!

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    Waves from Arkansas!

    Hi all!
    I'm a land locked mermaid at heart who's looking forward to learning how to swim in a fin before making ( or purchasing if I get lucky) a tail. I'm a pink haired momma of 3 boys with a farm, a love of crafting ( and trying new craft skills, i've sculpted and done casts with resin before, so i'm looking forward to trying silicone), nearly all things geek/nerdy and art. I am currently dabbling in photography again ( had a biz for non people stuff, but have been lax since we bought our farm.) I've always loved mythical creatures, so when I started making props I'd do unicorn horns, animal ear sets and wings, but I'm just now getting back into it. I hope to make lots of props for photo shoots based on various mythical creatures. Mermaids have always been a fav of mine, I can remember rocking all the Little Mermaid gear when it came out!

    I've poked around in the forums for the last few days, but haven't posted yet. Loving seeing all the creativity and fun here!
    ~ New to the idea of building my own tail, cosplay momma with pink hair and a farm.

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    Hi Ekio,

    Welcome to Mernetwork. You sound like an awesome mermaid and you'll here. Tails are surprisingly affordable for fabric with monofin as a starter. My finfun tail will be arriving tomorrow and it's really exciting. We are here if you have any question or if you would just like to chat.

    Slim (Jay)

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    Welcome! I also recommend a fabric tail to start. They don't look as impressive as the silicone ones but they're much cheaper and great for beginners. Good luck in your mermaiding endeavors!

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    Welcome, Ekio! Hope you have a blast here!

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    Hi, Eiko! Welcome to mernetwork!

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    Thanks all! Yes, I'll likely start with a fabric tail, but I'll be experimenting with creating silicone parts between now and then for accessories. ^_^
    ~ New to the idea of building my own tail, cosplay momma with pink hair and a farm.


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