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Thread: Instagram Comment Pods?

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    Instagram Comment Pods?

    Not sure if this exists already (if it does, I would love to be added to other groups)
    I am a blogger and a lot of us participate in comment pods to help each other's Instagram account rank higher in the algorithm to get more followers by liking and commenting on each other's photos. Would anyone be interested in doing this for our mermaid accounts? If so, put your insta handle below and I can start generating groups!

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    I think you should do this, if you haven't already
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    When you set it up, let me know so I can follow

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    Please let me know when you have it set up so that I can follow it.

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    Instead of relying solely on comment pods, focus on building genuine bitlife connections with other bloggers and Instagrammers in your niche. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts and engage in meaningful conversations. This will not only help you gain followers but also establish a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

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    An Instagram pod is a direct message between a group of about 15–20 people who are in a similar industry as your own.
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    I would like to join the comment group you recommend. Hopefully you can guide me on how to get involved. slope

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    You can reach out to potential members by leaving comments on their posts, sending direct Hoops Grids messages, or through Instagram Stories. Express your interest in forming a comment pod and explain the benefits.

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    Potential members can be contacted through Instagram Stories, Hoops Grids direct messages, and comments on their posts. Declare that you are interested in starting a comment pod and outline the advantages.

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    That sounds like a fantastic idea for fostering community engagement! backpack battles

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