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Thread: Water Proof Smart Phone Case/Pouch...Should I get one?

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    Question Water Proof Smart Phone Case/Pouch...Should I get one?

    So with making a silicone/latex tail your money goes to that not so much the video camera....I'd love a Go Pro but that to much for me at the time....I have a smart phone already that take 1080p 30fps. Has some weird coloring, but I have adobe creative sweet so color correcting I can do. I'd like to buy a smart phone water proof pouch.... I know a lot of people say that make the footage blurr, in your shots and video, but does anyone know of one that doesn't? I have diode turbo 2 width 3.12 in Height 6 in I'd guess about a little less 1/4 of in inch depth, this is with my other case on. I'm planning on swimming in lakes, pond, and pools. I don't really plan to go to deep into the water maybe 20 feet at the deeps I'd probably go. Any good recommendations?

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    Well, I'd advise against that.

    Some waterproof cases wear down quickly with time and use, which could be a hazard to your phone, so I'd definitely make sure you have enough to replace the phone if you're going that route! Any cheap waterproof camera can work, but that's pretty much up to you !

    Good luck in any case !!!
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    good to know I bought the cheaper one, that is on seal, but it had better review. I keep that in mind I'll be sure to test it out every time before using it, with a paper towel inside.

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    I have one like the first. I got mine off of ebay for under 5$. Every time I'm going to use it, I put a piece of paper into it and seal it up then sink it to make sure that it's not going to leak onto my camera or phone. I also use a cheap waterproof disposable camera for stills that I got from walmart.
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    Where waterproof phone cases are concerned- LIFEPROOF is the ONLY one I use.
    I use to live on an island and everyone swore by Lifeproof. It is a bit on the pricy side, but it is worth it- plus if anything goes wrong they have an amazing warrantee plan.
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