Casting Real Mermaids and Mermen with realistic tails for a "Teaser trailer " Mock Sorority Recruiting video" Looking for Mers to film in their bedrooms in tails while wearing normal clothes over tails *see my profile pic for example* such as dresses, blouses, skirts, sweaters, etc *Please no logos on clothes or visible in background of video* Doing normal things: sitting in chairs, at vanity mirrors, sitting or laying on bed. While: reading books, painting nails, doing hair, texting, using laptop, or doing makeup Speaking the following lines:

"I'm from...
(Your US state, or foreign country)But MBB is my home."

*Note please make sure audio & lighting is good.
Multiple Mers can film together saying line in unison!*

Send IMovie video or downloadable video by email to: or to my MerNetwork Inbox

Please include:
Signed actors release form.( sent by message to your MerNetwork inbox)
Hair color
Eye color
Clothing Size
As we might consider you to audition later for Casting in the feature film.

MERMAIDS BEYOND BOARDERS is a feature film: Based after 800 years of mass Mermaid suicides. Sea Parliament has usurped the Sea Witches power by approval of using science. Declaring any Mer and any human with the Mer gene can become a hybrid and secure bloodlines from extinction. But not without some complications from full bloods who must learn to live with hybrids in a boarding school as they all integrate into human, sea societies and of course cliques.
*We are anticipating a large amount of media coverage based on current interest.*

Thank you! *SPLASH*