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Thread: Spanish Speaking Mermaid From Sheroes Featured on Telemundo

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    Spanish Speaking Mermaid From Sheroes Featured on Telemundo

    Mermaid Merici, one of Sheroes Entertainment's newest professional mermaids from California, made waves in the televison news recently with her "entrevista en espaņo" relating to becoming a mermaid. Highlight features of Catalina Mermaid, the lead mermaid from Sheroes, and Bart Hibbs, a merman student from LA Mermaid School are included in this video feature.
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    The merman is me. They show me putting on the Toothless tail. Later, I succeeded in breaking the polypropylene monofin in that tail (I had made that one because the Mahina it came with is a little small for my feet). So I switched to the Lunocent based tail. They did not like that one very much as it's blue. Blue tails do not photograph well in a blue pool. But they did get some shots of me swimming in it.
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    Spanish translation of 'mermaid' is SIRENA

    What lets it down is the star - the little mermaid, the fish.Times, Sunday Times (2008)
    If you need learning Spanish I suggest you try online lessons with Spanish tutors on Skype

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