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Thread: Which fabric to use for durable swimsuit

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    I'm glad to hear this thread also helped someone else! I'd be glad to follow your progress, too.

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    For sure! Aww thanks!

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    I've been a competitive swimmer for 13 years now and have seen my fair share of good and bad swim suits. The best swim suits I've come across are mostly made of polyester. That stuff holds color the best and takes the longest to deteriorate from chlorine.

    Spandex is okay in a swimsuit but the chlorine will kill it faster. I wouldn't buy anything with more than 20% spandex in it.

    I've also learned to AVOID NYLON AT ALL COSTS! Nylon boasts about being chlorine resistant but it always deteriorates the fastest. It's a cheap material that companies will blend into their swim suits to cut down on costs. Sure it's "resistant" for a little bit but it'll be noticeably worn down from continuous swimming in about 2 weeks.

    Some brands that I would recommend buying from would be Jolyn, Amanzi, Dolfin Uglies (not the Dolfin brand but their Uglies swim suits), Speedo Endurance (not the regular Speedo brand), and Splish. has a lot of these brands and at discount prices too. If you want to check out Splish, you'll have to check out their website and order from there. The really cool thing about Splish though, is that they allow you to make custom swim suit patterns and have a variety of swim suits you can have your design printed on!

    Here are some photos of one of my favorite swim suits. I've been wearing this suit since Christmas 2016 and it's still doing really well. The color hasn't faded and the fabric hasn't really stretched too bad considering all that I've put it through so far. It's an Amanzi swim suit. I think it's called Coralia.

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    Tag side 1

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    Tag side 2

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    Swim suit front pattern

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    Swim suit back and lining

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    Stitching and strap detail

    Sorry, the colors are off due to my desk lamp but I hope this helps you or anyone else out!
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