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Thread: Requesting a VA mermaid meet up!

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    Exclamation Requesting a VA mermaid meet up!

    Hi everyone,
    It seems that no one in Virginia has a clue what mermaid performers are! I would really like to have a mermaid breakout and a gaggle of merms would just be the best way to do it! Are any of you interested?

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    Hiya!! I would love to but I wont have my tail until about the end of June but I know a couple of Mers in Virginia Beach C: !!

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    I have the same issue I began working on my tail last summer I plan to get it done either by June or mid June, but I would definitely be interested!

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    I am a new mer and would love to meet all of you so I am on board if this is still happening

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    Hi! I'm a new mer and would also be interested in a meet up! I don't have my tail finished yet but I do have a walkable mermaid Halloween costume I made last year that I could wear.
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    I would love to meet up with people! When should we do it?

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