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    How do you do?
    I'm Sel, I've always have loved the sea 'n all that dwells with in, unfortunately for me, I'm land locked... Kansas wouldn't you know. So I've actually been on here for a while, but have yet to post till now. At the moment, I only own two fabric tails, well technically three, but one is too large, so guess who's getting a new skirt made of it. <3 Hopefully later on, I'll be able to save up for a silicone, I would make one but right now I'm in a middle of another project, plus I'm a bit on the nervous side to do so.
    I already have my tail designed, but the fluke is rather massive since my mersona is based off of a deep sea serpent 'n a mandarin goby, so you can understand why I'm a bit nervous to try right now.
    Any who, if you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a tell, I'd love to chat with more mers... I really don't get out much except to swim on a daily basis or work.

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork
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    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the community! I'm interested in hearing more about your serpent/goby tail. Good luck!
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    Thank you for the welcome.
    I have an unfinished drawing of my mersona, but she is highly unfinished. <3

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    Hi from Australia! Looking forward to seeing your drawing
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    Hi from Australia also!! Welcome!!

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    Thank you both for the welcome. Im slowly putting them in my albums. Right now its just mostly my tail concept. Ill upload my mersona when I get home from work in a few. <3


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