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Thread: I received a bootleg(?) mermaid tail

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    Hey, Mernetwork. I have a bit of a dilemma right now. So long story short, I have family in China and I always ask them to send me bootlegged items like the Samantha Vega Sailor Moon bags and anime figures. I know it's awful to get bootlegged stuff but I can't afford the real things. This is no excuse though, so I admit I'm a trash person. But anyways my family sent me a fake mermaid tail out of nowhere thinking I would like it. Their gesture was sweet but I can't bring myself to use it. I tried to explain to my family how it's wrong to get things like that and they told me "You always asked for bootlegs!!" so..yeah. They have a point and I didn't know how to argue with that. So I just told them that I'm thankful that they thought of but but the quality of the tail is horrible(which is true) so don't ever buy them again and they said they won't.

    Anyways. I'll talk about the tail. It's huge and weird. I've never actually seen a silicone tail myself but I don't think the flukes are as nearly as big as what mine is like. The fluke alone is as big(or long) as my body. I feel like there's no way I can actually swim in this without drowning. There's a large logo(and the logo is stolen from Mertailor) printed in the front and back of the fluke that says "Candy Mermaid" I think. It's too blurry and nearly impossible to read lol I'll take better pictures of it later and upload it. The monofin is...not really a monofin. It's a regular snorkel fin kind of held together by the clear material which is what the fluke is made out of. Again, I'll take better pictures later to show you guys.
    So for now, I'm not entirely sure what to even do with the tail. I kind of want to make a video about the quality of this bootlegged mermaid tail and warn people not to get these but is featuring a bootlegged item right?
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