I've noticed that there isn't really a post for drawn eyebrows, so I decided to add to it. Being a goth, I quite often draw my eyebrows on, but have never been able to make them stay on in the water... so I did a test on Saturday to see if they would keep. I used liquid latex and dabbed my drawn eyebrows with them, being careful not to smudge them. I waited for the latex to dry and then entered the water... at first the latex worked wonderfully... but I put my goggles on and managed to accidentally lift a part of the latex up. This is more for those who don't really need to use goggles... as the goggles can disturb the latex (obviously).

I didn't quite have clear liquid latex, but had a flesh tone which was a bit spotty, so I recommend using clear instead. When applying, its best to make sure you have an even coat over the top of the eyeliner and also to make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned beneath the makeup and primed.

Also, if you're going to be negative... don't bother commenting. Drawn eyebrows allow for more creation with eye makeup... also save time and money on plucking. Drag queens look f***ing amazing and they draw them all the time... you can't deny that.