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    Business cards

    I am thinking of ideas for business cards and was thinking people might want to share theirs?

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    Well it really depends on what your trying to display in it. I wanted a plane white background when designing mine so that my logo would show and did a front and back. It depends on who you are trying to invite in. Plastic cards are good for the pool side and holographic stand out if your doing night club water performances. If your performing dry or with a lot of people what stands out to me is a semi-gloss or embossed look. You want to put a picture of you on there or your logo if not both, make sure its easily read and welcoming. Information on how to contact you and if you are far along enough a QR code. Take care :3
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    I have yet to make my business cards, but I made some thank you cards with VistaPrint to thank customers who chose to work with me. is affordable and they have tons of options for anything you might want to make with your business. Good luck!

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    We don't use business cards, we use glossy postcards. These we can give to kids or parents, they are bright and noticeable, and can be stuck on a fridge or on a dresser to hopefully be remembered. - Mermaid podcast and Yearly Phoenix Festival


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