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Thread: Spokane?

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    Swishy day, MerNetwork-ers.
    My husband recently landed his dream-job on a Wildfire Crew in the vacinity of Spokane Washington. Over the summer, I get to buy a vehicle, leave all of my 4 friends(still remaining) behind, find us a place suitable that allows pets, learn a new city and switch colleges ALL BY MYSELF and utterly alone. I do have a Mer-friend in Cheney, but she's busy over the summer...

    Does ANYONE live near there, or in Idaho, or Montana, or close enough to Spokane in Canada that I will not be alone in the Mer-world too?
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    My friend is in that extreme training for that right now, the one where they get dropped behind the wildfire line from a helicopter? That sounds like an adventure. I could of sworn I saw an Idaho mer post recently...

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    I live in Cheney! Nice to meet you

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    Well im quite far from you im in bellingham area about 5 hours from spokane


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