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Lately I have really liked the idea of a little fishing town/beach town full of odd locals set in modern times. It doesn't get many visitors, and it kind of empties in the summer and other warm-water months, but is full of occupants in the fall and winter. The reason being, the town is secretly full of mermaids and selkies and other mer-creatures. Some humans live there too, but unaware of why so many people leave in the summer (they assume they are on vacation and such) The mers follow this schedule in order to avoid migrating to warmer waters. In the water there is a sort of kingdom that acts as a "summer home".

But that's just me.

I think that the roleplay, however it ends of looking, should be modern (OR sert in pirate-popular eras, or before/during the fall of Atlantis), that it should not exceed roughly the level of PG-13, semi-literate to literate, and it should be plot-driven, or at least have events here and there to keep it alive. Video chatting would be awesome, but maybe not a constant or a requirement.

Hope this helps!
Ooh I would LOVE something that took place during or sometime after the fall of Atlantis. That would be awesome. They could also put one of those short background intro videos that show Atlantis decending into the sea ect.