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Thread: Minimalism Challenge: Buy No More Than 100 New Items For Yourself In A Year

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    Lightbulb Minimalism Challenge: Buy No More Than 100 New Items For Yourself In A Year

    In many ways, I am not a minimalist at all. I love collectibles(have you seen my doll collecting thread? ), and I'm a very sentimental person who tends to get very attached to inanimate objects, so I hate getting rid of things, and it seems the few times I did get rid of something, I came to regret it later because you just never know when something might come in handy. However, it's an undeniable fact that excessive consumerism is not great for our planet, and a buzzword I kept seeing in eco-blogging circles is "minimalism". I decided to challenge myself by only buying no more than 100 new things for myself over the course of the next year, or at least by New Year's 2018, and am encouraging others to consider doing the same. This doesn't include the following:
    *Personal care products/toiletries
    *Charitable donations(i.e., I donate lots of Toys to Toys For Tots every year)
    *Gifts for other people
    *Used items from thrift stores/flea markets/etc.(yes for me, this can include used dolls! )

    This can have many different benefits. For one, consuming less is good for the environment. Secondly, buying less is good for your wallet .

    I have a Word document where I list everything I buy(not counting the listed-above categories), and I haven't bought anything for myself with the aforementioned exceptions in weeks.
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    I started using minimalism a year ago as a tool to help me get rid of things I no longer need or want, reduce spending, and keep the house clean. I found having less things also gave me more clarity (although I will admit from time to time it is hard to refrain from getting anything mermaid related, at a cost, for free, or otherwise).
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    OMG I love this idea!

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    The #minimalistmermaids need to be a thing.
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    I already do this not by choice though lol. But seriously I do think of this as a good idea, I believe for me I should implement a modified version where I don't eat out a lot instead. We tend to get take out a lot.

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    Hey all if anyone is interested in taking the minimalism thing further, there's a Fast-fashion Fast challenge out right now being hosted by Verena Erin from My Green Closet. The goal is to help change the way you shop, tackle your shopping habits, needs and difficulties, and defining values and priorities, researching brands and finding better alternatives. It just started yesterday and lasts until end of august but you can sign up and join whenever.

    Yesterday i went to the mall and there were so many mermaid items but after going home and doing a bit more research i found out some of the brands aren't ethical; meaning there's sweatshop labour involved, mistreatment of workers, it's not environmentally/ecofriendly, and not vegan. i used the "GOOD ON YOU" app. to look up all the places i shop at currently.

    The less we buy is good, but there's definitely more room for improvement.
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