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By no means is this sage advice but I've had something similar happen to me with bubbles. Its a VERY temporary solution but it just depends on how many replicas you're going to make. I literally just filled the holes with more oil based clay and smoothed them down since the silicone will easily release from the oil clay. I've also used hot glue as a temporary filler for areas in the mold that didn't actually get covered by resin all the way. Again, super temporary and not a great idea for longevity, but it worked for me! Haha.
I like your thinking. I just tried using bondo, and bondo and I donít get along Iím most likely only going to make 2 replicas from this mold so Iím going to take your suggestion with the clay. The thought of learning how to use ANOTHER material just for a very tiny step is a real headache for me, and like you said.. Clay releases just fine.

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