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Thread: DARK green and VEGAN hair dye

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    DARK green and VEGAN hair dye

    I recently got into dying my hair for the first time and am on the hunt for a daaaaark green hair dye. I like how Manic Panic Enchanted Forest looks in the bottle but pix online show it comes out lighter than I want. Currently my hair is bright red and I don't really like it. Nice color but my hair is not meant for bright unnatural tones...thats why I crave a dark green...and can't find one. But it MUST be vegan!! I will NOT use products that have been tested on animals or has animal ingredients. No one suffers to make me pretty. Suggestions?

    Despite all this, I am very tempted to try Enchanted Forest anyway on a hidden strip on my fringe.

    (I don't need much dye either. My sides and back are kept at a 2 or less. I have a 'mohawk' of sorts that is maybe 3 inches or so.)
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    That looks awesome! I'm by no means a hair dye expert, but my sister once had a darkish green hair colour, so I'll tell you what I know about that and see if it helps you at all.

    Darker green colours are somewhat tricky to get, and you usually have to mix a few dyes together in order to get the desired colour. It is definitely easier to get a green colour in your hair if your hair is yellow first: since red and green are opposites on the colour wheel, you may get a funky colour at first if you apply the dye directly to the red.
    Mixing a dark blue colour (such as After Midnight Blue Manic Panic: my sister found that Atomic Turquoise was a bit too bright) with a bright yellow colour (such as Manic Panic's Electric Banana) is often a strategy used to get a darker green. Another strategy used to get dark green hair is to mix Green Envy, Raven, Enchanted Forest, and Venus Envy all together until the desired colour is achieved. Even though mixing colours winds you up with quite a lot of dye, you can always store it for later use. Unfourtunately, I don't know of any other vegan hair dyes, so Manic Panic is all I have to go off of at the moment. No matter the brand, though, it seems that mixing colours for darker green is pretty much the norm. I hope you get the colour you like!

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    Have you looked at henna dye? Not sure if it comes in green, but I've used it on my hair to make it red. It's 100% plant based and super healthy for your hair! Even if it doesn't come in green, it's really inexpensive and easy to use. Might be a good idea if you want to get the red out of your hair and prepare it for the big change?

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    Arctic Fox hair dye. The green called Phantom Green. I've used AF for a while now. I've been dying my hair colorfully for over 30 yrs, and have used probably everything on the market at one time or another. Arctic Fox lasts the longest, and comes off my skin easiest, which is a plus for me. My skin absorbs all other dyes super bad, and I have a hard time getting them off for days, but AF washes off the first time.

    I have used this green, but I mix it with blue for a dark teal.

    Also, if that is still not dark enough, a bit of their black blended in can get you that darker shade.

    And check out their 'about us.' I love this company.

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    I was going to comment with Arctic Fox - you can see photos of people with it on Instagram and it is available at any Hot Topic.
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    It's also on Amazon, fyi, they have their own Amazon links on their site.

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    Whatever, Hair dying for a Halloween costume, going party or for simply because you love the hair color.But dying your hair can be hard for you to achieve and Maintenace perfectly.

    I think with right prep and attention when coloring your hair, You will soon get a perfect color on your hair. Here is some process for getting best dying on hair.

    >You have to analyze you natural hair color, Darkness of your natural hair decide you have or haven;t to bleach your hair first.This will help you to get the good result and fit the color on your hair. Name:  How-to-Use-Special-Effects-Hair-Dye-1-800x369.jpg
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    >Bleach your hair if need, Bleach is a dangerous chemical It can harm your hair, So use it wisely. Bleach should be mixed with direction. As usual, this involves mixing a powder with water in a squirt bottle or bowl.
    >Allow time for bleach perfectly to your hair.
    >Rinse the bleach from your hair.
    >Mix your green hair dye and apply to your hair
    >Wait for given minutes and wash your hair.
    Well as I told you have to maintence the color. For maintenance, Hair color follows these.
    >Avoid Heat your hair.
    >Try to avoid washing your hair daily.
    Those are on my mind. You may find more tips and products details about dying hair from here...

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    Manic Panic After Midnight actually stained my hair dark green (it was meant to be blue!) and no matter how much I tried to get rid of it but it wouldn't leave - not even bleach helped!
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    Too bad my job doesn't allow this anymore. I'd have to do something so dark its almost black and isnt noticable if I did. Rip hair dream


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