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Thread: Mermaid/Men/Folk interviews for book...

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    Red face Mermaid/Men/Folk interviews for book...

    Hi everyone

    I am a writer living in New Zealand and I am writing a book of linked thematic essays about merfolk in society today. I put up a post on this forum a while ago and have been grateful and lucky enough to talk to several professional mermaids from England, America and Australia so far. I'd love to speak to more of you - anyone who is happy to share their experiences with me and I am interested in all genders, cultures, affiliations. Please get in touch. So far I am speaking to merfolk who are professional in some capacity - doesn't need to be full time. I am also interested in hearing from merfolk who work in burlesque and adult situations too. The mermaid is a hybrid and fluid figure!

    I also interested in talking to tail makers and folk who make and sell mer-related products or experiences.

    There are several strands to my research: I am examining the influence of popular culture films like Splash and Disney's The Little Mermaid, I am also pooling the real-life stories of professional merfolk as I am creating a polyphonic work that looks at these experiences as part of a wider movement that says something about our world now - our relationship to one another and to the environment. I am also writing about key artists and illustrators who have worked with mermaid imagery/stories.

    I will be speaking at a conference on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore and Modernity in Copenhagen later this year. My first time to see the Little Mermaid statue. Can't wait.

    Please feel free to get in touch.

    Best wishes, Megan

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    Hey Megan! raina here, I will for sure schedule an interview with you soon as we discussed. In the meantime I wanted to suggest a few mers you may want to get in touch with for some more diversity!

    Syrena Singapore's first mermaid:

    Merman Arion from Paris (he is also deaf)

    Merman Jax from california:

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    Hi Rania, thanks so much! Much appreciated. More diversity is on my mind, I know it is out there.

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    I really like writing essays, I could try to write about merfolk.

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    This should be interesting.

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