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Thread: Please delete my account!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    Dylan, you need professional help right now. Please take a break and talk to someone, or I will call your local crisis line myself. I'm not your punching bag for blame because you're having a hard time. I hope you get some help and we can have a civil conversation when you're feeling better.

    edit: I've contacted someone to see about getting Dylan some support
    You aren't even helping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim View Post
    Dylan call 211 or 911 and speak to a crisis line please. Thinking of suicide is no joke. Raina is not the blame. I’m flagging your post in hopes the admin can use your registration to get your cell in hope emergency officials can reach you in time

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    You guys really don't get it.

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    -_- Can someone just ban him?

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    Not exactly helpful at the moment, Kane.

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    I've already let Iona know, she's been sick. I've spoken with Dylan's family and they're aware of the situation. I think for now everyone just stop replying to him. I've been very frustrated with his actions but it's clear he's experiencing some hard stuff right now, hopefully he'll get some support and come back when he's cooled off.

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    Dylan, they can't delete accounts. If you're having issues with notifications, the mods can't fix it for you. If you're posting from an AP you have to turn off notifications both on the site AND the ap. Sounds like that might be the issue you're having. NO one is trying to harm you by forcing you to get notifications. It's just not in anyone's power but yours to stop them.

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    Dylan, please speak to me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

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    Regardless if you want help or not, the mention of you saying you are thinking about killing yourself is reason for us to help you find help. If it’s mention again, I will do my best to figure out your location and try to get a crisis person to you.

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