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Thread: Affordable Silicone Tails

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    Affordable Silicone Tails

    Does anyone know any trusted companies/creators who sell affordable silicone tails? Under the price of $800 would be perfect.

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    Usually the only silicone tails you'll find at that price are partial and NOT custom. I know that Mertailor sells partial silicone tails, but I've yet to find a full one in that price range.

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    The materials alone cost more than that. You're not going to find a decent, safe full silicone tail for under that price, and not from anyone trusted. You might have some luck in the pre-owned category if you search eBay or watch the classifieds here, but even then they're usually sold at a higher price. Making one's own silicone tail is the best way to spend the least, and it will still likely be at least $1000 for materials alone. You might be able to do it for less, some probably have, but this seems to be about the average cost.
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