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Thread: "Piping" Silicone/Latex Scales?

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    "Piping" Silicone/Latex Scales?

    I have no idea about a lot of the tailmaking steps, but I have a question that might sound insanely stupid. (I've only made painted fabric tails in the past so bear with me.)

    I'm planning on making a painted neoprene tail with silicone accents (fins mostly), but I want to scale it. I know it's possible to scale with sequins or just stencil scales on with paint, but I want texture.

    I was was wondering if it's possible to "pipe", as in, like, icing piping, scales with platinum silicone similar to how it's done with caulking? Keep in mind that I'm not exactly sure how this works.

    Thank you!

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    Hi! Quite a few merfolk have made tails this way, most notably Fifi of Tigg's tails. There are a few threads covering tailmaking using this method, look for threads about partial silicone tails in the tailmaking section

    EDIT: just reread and noticed you weren't using caulk. Sorry for the confusion!
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    im doing this as well! im gonna use aquarium silicone, and start at the base and work my way up to the waist!

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    Dragon skin is a little too thin to pipe- it has the consistency of honey. Although Smooth On does sell a thickening agent (thi-vex, I think it's called), but I've never tried it. Might work!

    ETA: here's a tutorial where they use Thi-Vex with Dragon Skin 10 to turn it into a vertical brush-on substance. If it's thick enough to stick to a vertical mold, I imagine it might be thick enough to hold its shape for piping. I don't think anyone's ever posted here trying this technique!

    ETA#2: Not sure that dragon skin will cure on neoprene, though. I've never tried that either...
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    Yes I have done a few test pieces. Seems to be ok.



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