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Thread: (No longer available) Medium Sinus Saver

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    (No longer available) Medium Sinus Saver

    I bought this off Amazon, just tried it on once, and it's too big. Makes me look like Miss Piggy with a big septum ring. Seriously. Lol. I have cleaned it. Anybody interested?

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    Trust me, someone will be as Sinus Savers sell out fast!
    It takes them awhile to restock, for sure!

    I hope you find it a new home! < 3
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    Thank you!

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    How much would you sell it for?

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    I really want to get what I paid for it. I have to get a smaller one. And I also have to pay for shipping it. So if I have to pay $4 for shipping, but charge $16, I'm losing money. But it finds a home, and I still get some of it back. So $16.

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    I've decided to keep it and try trimming it. I got the small and it's slightly too small. I guess I'm between sizes. Lol

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    Sorry to piggy back on your post but I also have a medium and an xtra small I would like to sell or trade. They are both totally clean but I would like to trade one or both for a small. I purchased the medium and it was too large so I over compensated and got an XS which is too small and makes things worse then not even having one at all... GAH
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