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Thread: Coney Mer-Meetups 2017 - 2018 Same Mermaid Spot

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    Coney Mer-Meetups 2017 - 2018 Same Mermaid Spot

    Summer is short so lets make the most of it and come SWIM WITH US! Meet and greet new and old merfriends and takle lots of photos together and with the merfolks. Lets have a splashing time. Same place #mermaidspot behind the Thunderbolt Ride by Rocks last jetty before the pier. All Mermaids and Merman welcome from all pods!

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    Here is our Directional Photo easy to find us

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    Awesome me too!!

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    I cartoonized our merpod at this years coney island mermaid parade thought i share it with you all made with #AzalesDollMaker Hope to see some of you tis Sunday at our mermaid spot at C.I

  6. #6 Next meetup set for Sunday 20th same place #mermaidspot #coneyisland 12-5pm save the date and come swim with us!

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    QueenKira thank you so much for coming and swimming with me dear merdaughter! we're set for the 20th love to have you join us again my favorite showing your happiness shinning through!

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    Look at how much fun we had you can see it in our eyes! come join us!

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    Looks like a blast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keiris View Post
    Looks like a blast!
    It was wish you were here too

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenKira View Post
    I can't wait!

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    Sea you soon dear

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    HI merfamily! so excited for tomorrow meetup! hope some of you will join us too, only few weeks left of good swimming weather so come swim with us, here is a photo of last weekend mergathering in Cape Cod no matter where we meet up at we have a splashing time!

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    Name:  Screenshot (698).jpg
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Size:  70.6 KB Hi merfamily had so much fun at last two meetups had to make another one for those that couldnt make it due to work. So hope to see you this Saturday 2nd 11-4pm same spot scroll up for directions photo and click on link for more info on FB

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    QueenKira hi sweetie posted link and new date for meetup hope to see you

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Size:  109.4 KB Thank you guys for coming out and swimming with us! had a blast really really fun weekend! so im for doing it again, next Sat 84 degrees and so who's up for another swim?After swim me and rest of #transhumanz cast will be staying for #tablereadsor #sandreads lol for upcoming movie.
    For this #mermeetup only we will be meeting up by the Pier instead of our usual #mermaidspot just down the waves. So come on down for whats sure to be one of our last summer meetups and swim. Dont miss out you can even get a sneak peek at us rehearsing for #transhumanz#chroniclesoffantasea

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    I hope I will be able to make it this time!

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    I hope so too dear!

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    Hi everyone I have set up another meetup for this Sunday Oct 1st and a mini photo shoot for my sister page @mermaidwavetreasuretrove modeling her beautiful sea items will be fun so hope you can join us


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