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Thread: Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho Meetup?

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    Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho Meetup?

    So after seeing a couple of other posts and talking to Felecia, there seems to be a bit of a mermaid population boom in the area and we were thinking that it would probably be a good idea to do a meetup.

    1. We need to figure out how many people are interested.
    -So far there is probably myself, my wife, Felecia, and possibly another friend of mine not on the forum.

    2. Figure out what times work best for people.
    -I generally have most weekends off (with a few exceptions on the weekdays, usually either monday or friday) and August will works best for me because I'll be working all September.

    3. And we also need to find a good place to meet up at.
    -Possible ideas include:
    1. Higgens Point (Eagle Point) on lake Couer d'Alene
    2. Corbin Park, Post Falls
    3. Boulder Beach in Spokane Valley (Over off Upriver Drive)
    4. Maybe somewhere on Pend Orielle
    5. Possibly Medical / Four Lakes Area (I don't really know how clean those lakes are in late summer)

    So yeah, hopefully we can figure something out!

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    *Felicia, I assume autocorrect changed it to Felecia since mine does that lol

    Come on merfriends let's get together!
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    If I was closer I would come! I'm down at the bottom of Idaho though!
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