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Thread: Linden in fin fun

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    Linden in fin fun

    I heard that the Linden monofin will fit in a fin fun tail so I purchased one, however when I put both on, the buckles stick out way more than I would like. I have a size small tail, is there anything I can do? Has anyone had a similar problem?

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    Make some fins. Sew it on the skin, over the lumps.
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    I have a Linden in a fin fun nut my skin is an XL so you cant tell too much. Havent used the Linden in a while cos I got a mertailor FF3 last september and always swim in that now

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    There isnít really anything you can besides what Jaffa has already mentioned. Due to the bulky nature of the buckles on the linden they are going to stick out no matter what (sized) fabric tail you put it in, itís always gonna stick out.

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    Yes what Mermaid Jaffa mentioned is a trick that has been used even on silicone tails to hide the dreaded angle or heel bulge. You can make your own little fins and sew them onto the tail over that area, or you can buy fins online. There are some Etsy shops that sell silicone fins for you to attach to your tail.

    The first shop that comes to mind is that of a mermaid who is on this site - Fancy Fish Fashions:
    She sells many types of fins and can custom paint them too.

    Option two is using the Linden monofin as a training fin and then buying a more streamline monofin for your tail that doesn't have the quick release/adjustment straps on the side, which is what causes the bulge. They are there for a reason though, so just make sure you are comfortable with having a monofin without quick release straps. Most monofins you should be able to wiggle out of in an emergency.
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