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Thread: New blockchain technology helps prevent unethical fishing industry practices

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    New blockchain technology helps prevent unethical fishing industry practices

    A research group in the UK has developed a technique for monitoring practices in the fishing industry so that buyers and processors can know the provenance of the fish they are purchasing, and the information can even be seen by retail customers on their smartphones. It uses the same blockchain technology used by the Bitcoin virtual currency.

    This means processors can avoid being scammed when they buy fish, and consumers can check whether their fish were caught ethically. It's currently being tested by a food company in the UK.

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    I never would've guessed the bitcoin technology could be used in fish checking process, but that's kinda funny and cool. We should start reducing the level of harm we do and think more about the ethic side of everything we do. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, btw, are an amazing idea and I do think it should be a part of economical system. So far, many trading companies work with it and it's great. I used to learn with this company (Trustpilot cause I don't want to advertise), they're also engaged in many cool projects.

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    Sorry but I don't think this is a real block chain. This is more a manipulation safe database for tracking data. It it would be a block chain like bitcoin, you would have to have miners, that need to be paid because the only thing that makes the block chain safe is the so called proof of work, which means that nobody has more than 50% compute power in the network and can recalculate the blocks to get a longer arm on the fork to rewrite the history.

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    Very interesting! But to tell you the truth, I prefer trustworhty and verified platforms working with reliable means of cryptocurrency. Also, I think it's the right time for many online businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. You can read this article about why businesses accept bitcoin, it's quite interesting and useful.


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