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Thread: Random food question

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    Senior Member Pod of The South
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    Personally, I am a fan of seafood. I agree that when fish is really fresh, there is no smell. When I do come across a smelly fish, it tends to kill my appetite for it.

    While I could probably eat sushi every day, for health reasons, I limit myself to no more than 3 times a week - usually 2. I do, however, enjoy seaFOOD daily - roasted seaweed is one yummy snack. Kale and arame (a japanese seaweed) salad, regular seaweed salads from the supermarket, etc.

    A long time ago they use to have rice cakes with seaweed in them. They were the best! I wish I could find them again ;_; Haven't seen those in YEARS!

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    Hate sushi, love fish. Normally fried or baked. Never noticeda smell personally but I grew up fishing so yeah. As far as cravings? Yes, get them a lot but I fight back with salt. Fish isn't good if you have it too often. I will try the roasted seaweed though. Sounds interesting
    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    LOVE seafood. Mussels, crab, clams, shrimp, fish... BIG fan of seared yellowfin tuna. The only things I will not eat are shark, dolphin, and blue fin tuna. Oh, and I hate crawfish, but I'm not so sure you would classify them as seafood... oh, and lastly, I don't eat grouper. Worms. Ick.

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    All this talk of seaweed is making me want veggie sushi..
    Except I always pick the avocado out.
    I'm a superbeast.

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    Haha yeah on the topic of eating too much fish, eating a lot of tuna is a surefire way to get mercury poisoning....the first sign of which is insanity....uhhhh well I'm screwed hahahh

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    me two
    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    Yum, fishes. Though as I have the opportunity, I prefer to catch my own. The "It's only a couple of days old!" thing you get in shops really doesn't work for me. Catch it, cook it. Om, nom nom! Blue cod over here, though for non NZers it's not cod - it's a kind of perch that's called blue cod. I had cod while I was in England and they are not the same thing at all! And there has been some really good work on sustainability recently (full on fishing ban in some areas so they could study populations and what they do when they aren't fished) so quotas have changed, not to less, but a different band for the size limit and they are now up in the ministry of fisheries "green zone" for eating. So yummy AND sustainable!

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    Sustanable is most preferable!! I usually on eat seafood when I'm eating out, not only to help me limit how much I eat but to make sure when I do eat it every so often it's yummy, and a lot of places don't GAF if it's sastainable or not. If you ask them they look at you like you have two heads. I hope the sastainable trend will catch on!! The yummy without so much gilt and not decimating the ocean is always nice.

    And TRUST ME and take a 99¢ challenge and get the seasoned roasted seaweed! I don't even like seaweed in my miso soup if the texture isn't just right, and I am ADDICTED to this stuff! Everyone I share it with is too :P

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    I'm not gonna lie, I have to have sushi at least once a month.. a white fish roll with lots of eel sauce and spicy mayo..

    I like shrimp as well, or crab legs as long as both are hot (none of this cold stuff.. mleh it takes away some of the flavor imo)

    Where I grew up eating fish was considered really gross, Maasai just dont eat fish! (or pork)
    But when I came state side and discovered the delicacy of perfectly crisped fish fillet or steamed to a juicy morsel shrimp or crab dipped in sauce..
    I came to the dark side with a napkin tucked into my shirt and forks/chopsticks blazing...

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    I used to eat a little bit of fish when I was little,
    then I watched the little mermaid and made a goal to not eat fish again.
    However, sometimes I do get a bit of a craving .... it's weird XD.

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    @Nyx, I know I always found it odd how many people assume mers must eat fish, when Disney's TLM(especially the animated series, which shows them eating several times), probably the most iconic and popular depiction of mermaids, makes it abundantly clear that merfolk are vegetarians(or close to it at least, as plankton can be classed as an animal), who subsist on seaweed, kelp, plankton, and the like, and they actually fear and look down on humans for being fish-eaters. I find it interesting how so many mers find eating seafood to actually be something that makes them feel more authentically "mermaidy", where I'm just the opposite. I think it has to do with the fact that most real fish do in fact eat other fish, with strictly herbivorous fish being extremely rare, and, hey, let's face it, does anyone here, especially someone who loves to eat seafood, find the idea of eating nothing but seaweed and kelp the least bit appealing?
    In my FictionPress series, the mers are vegans but, the heroine, a half-mermaid/half-human, personally finds their seaweed-based diet to be quite bland and boring compared to human food. If I get around to doing an "in character" mermaid blog, I'm gonna say that there are two types of merfolk: omnivorous mers and herbivorous mers, as a nod to my fish-eating mer-brethren. Omni mers would require more protein and other nutrients that are found more readily in animal than plant sources, and can't talk to sea animals, so they don't see them as equals, where herbivorous mers can survive on a plant-based diet and have the ability to talk to fish and other sea creatures, so they think of them as more or less equals and eating fish to be something close to cannibalism. Which would you guys be, an omni or herbivorous mer? I'm a herbivore mermaid!
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    My friends call me "Alleating beast" and it's true, haha! Still, it seems that I'm the only one in my company who love seafood. Also I'm the one who likes cooking alot, experimenting with new recipes and testing it all on friends.
    But I figured out kind of hack that works (not perfectly, but still...) -- sandviches, burgers, panini, pizza, pies... Anything fried, roasted or warmed in bready wrap and a big amount of souses and toppings. Fishy part have to be fried separatly befor adding to whole dish. Though, it's not applyable to some kind of marine food.
    Recently I got Ooni Coda for the Fall Picnick Sesone beginning and then I had an argument about pizza with fish and other stuff with guy who tells me that fish pizza is't eadible and can't be called a "food". Now I'm eating pizza every second day and can say two things:
    1. Little oven is better then big one when it comes to everyday use -- faster, easier, compact, mobile.
    2. You cant eat pizza everyday. Also every second day, too. You just going to get sick of it eventually.
    But I'm too stubborn. I won't give it up.

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    Hello 2012 people! MorningSun and I are from 2019. I love sushi and crave it all the time! With eel sauce! Unfortunately, I don't get to eat it often. I also love mussels and flounder and crab legs. I've tried roasted seaweed before, and it's a yummy snack (it's been a while since I last bought some). I like caviar, too. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to trout and salmon, which are pink fish. I have to be careful what sushi I buy because of the salmon. Besides the pink fish, I'm also allergic to Pistachio nuts, and that's it when it comes to food. I can eat white fish and shellfish. Shrimp and tilapia are good but not as delicious as crab, and I only like lobster so-so. My mermaid self is an omnivore. I can eat vegetables and fruit and roam the land with legs to get a burger, but I also have a predatory side — chowing down on fish.

    I'm interested in trying sardines and sea urchins, which I've never had before. I'm an adventurous eater.

    I don't ever want to try shark fin soup, however. Japan and China's practice of catching sharks and slicing off their dorsal fins just to toss the sharks back into the sea saddens me.

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    Hi there! I love fish and sushi, I guess I'd be able to eat sushi alone for the rest of my life. As for the drinks, it's coffee definitely. Alcohol: beer and vodka. It's important to choose the right one so you won't ruin your impression. I've heard Khor is top selling vodka usa.


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