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Thread: *shy wave* Hai

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    *shy wave* Hai

    Hallo Mer-world. I am SUPER new ( Like discovered this was an actual thing you could do TWO WEEKS ago new)

    Like many of the stories here I've always loved mermaids (they took a backseat to werewolves for a long time but these days i love my Cryptzoology beings equally) As a kid I mainly used the "dolphin kick" method of swimming (with and without fins) simply as it has always been far more comfortable for me to do so (my hips prefer it) and I love snorkelling and diving for shells...and fossils...and lost jewellery... and whatever else i can find in the ocean (don't get to do that much, yay British weather...)

    I have always had a connection with the sea (hell I was named after a beach, my name literally means "of the sea" and my birthstone is Pearl......such coincidence) and my fave Disney film was The little mermaid growing up (i had so many mermaid dolls..... before i got obsessed with dragons and TLK)

    As I write I am awaiting delivery of my first tail (Fin fun) and am already pondering making my own skins (am an avid sewer, though usually for dolls such as BJDs so sewing something BIG will be lovely!) at some point.

    I am big on conservation I studied Wildlife Conservation and Zoo Biology at university and try to get my hands into volunteering projects when I can.
    I love meeting new people and hope to learn lots from my time here on Mernetwork!

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    Welcome to the community.

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    Sink or Swim

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork!

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork

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    Welcome to MerNetwork, Astridia !!!
    We're honored to have you among our community!
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