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Thread: Return of the Mermaids 2017 - Tucson, AZ

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    Return of the Mermaids 2017 - Tucson, AZ

    I always mean to post this earlier and never have the time, but here is goes:

    Return of the Mermaids is a mermaid event where for one day the mermaids are drawn back to the desert by the monsoons for a day of fun and merriment. Name:  20031938_1943768659227512_2580288625012009248_n.jpg
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    I am their mermaid guest of honor and have a whole area to myself and its sponosred by none other than Tucson's show of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" Name:  Capturedisney.PNG
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    Lizzie (now on here as Supernovae) is the mermaid Goddess of this event and David Aguirre does the downtown segment at the pirate ship. Lizzie started this amazing idea years ago and im thankful to be her mermaid <3
    Here is the newspaper that came out Sunday:
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    and here is the info for the event:;theater
    (Frank Powers is an amazing pirate and owns constant con and does a lot around Tucson. he mentioned me on the radio and how i got to present Lizzie with an award at the constant con awards <3);theater

    Return of the Mermaids is a Monsoon Celebration and Mermaid Parade in Downtown Tucson and Historic 4th Avenue in the heart of Tucson, AZ- August 12th-Save the date! Dress up as though you live under the sea and join us!
    Kid Friendly- but after the parade things get racier- after 9pm things get more grown up

    4th Avenue activities:
    Sponsored by Fourth Avenue Merchants Association and our wonderful shops and restauaunts on Historic 4th Avenue
    10am • Antigone Books all day Mermaid raffles
    12noon-6pm • Pop up Mermaid Art show at Pop-Cycle 10% off mermaid items
    1pm-2:30 • Tucson Improv Movement Friends of Make Pretends Mermaid Show! $5 admission or $20 for the whole family (up to 6)
    4pm • Mermaid Michelina's Mermaid Habitiat at Tucson Thrift/ The other Side (brought to you by Tucson Thrift)
    5-8pm * Water Safety with The Red Cross in front of United Fire
    5pm-8pm • Haggerty Plaza Under the Sea Adventure!
    Meet real Mermaid Odette in her beautiful grotto (brought to you by Broadway in Tucson, UA Presents- Season opener is The Little Mermaid!!!)

    Mermaid Kailee (brought to you by Silver Sea Jewelry)

    Ice dunk game with prizes (American Ice and FAMA)

    Mer-ket place with facepainters, glitter, toys, sno-cones

    Art Instalation "Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef"

    Photo Booth for selfies or photograper Sue will help you!
    5:30pm • Live Music with the Surf Broads
    6:30pm • Costume Contest with prizes from Fourth Avenue Merchants and every child participant gets a cone from Dairy Queen- Thanks Dairy Queen!!!)
    7:00pm • Lykiska Dance
    7:45 Tucson Circus Arts
    Flam Chen
    10pm-2 am 21+ Bars/Clubs PLUS Surly Wench Dance Party
    8:00pm • Haggerty Plaza 316 N 4th Avenue Line up for the Mermaid Parade! Led By banner holders Mermaid Orchid and Loren Darklyng
    Flam Chen and Tucson Circus Arts and Ghost Bike. Lykiska Dance This is a Sidewalk Parade
    To join the parade, be costumed or holding the hand of a costumed child- Please hold on to kids, it's a lot of people and traffic) Stay on the sidewalks and keep on swimming... Parade goes to the Pirate Ship/ Beach Downtown.

    The Pirate Ship- Downtown Tucson
    The Beach, 50 N 5th Ave
    Brought to you By Dinnerware Artspace, Food Truck Roundup, and Downtown Partnership
    Festival and Celebration
    3pm-10pm Free Admission
    Mermaid Fashion Art Market:
    Audrey de La Cruz,
    Dora Nice with Bonita Beach Designs,
    Melissa Strunk,
    Sarah Murphy,
    Jo D Qtee Jewelry,
    Torrie Duenas with Kitchen Mystic Goods,
    Amanda Conner Desert Mermaid Store,
    Face Painting by Vanessa Sophia Robertson,
    Riddle Me True Medievel Tent,
    Nancy Rodriguez Face Painting,
    Angie Carver with Tucson Bath Works,
    Amanda Connor,
    DiAngele Augustus,
    Sara Edwards with RiddlemeTrue's Leathercraft,
    Cecilia Huerta with Pure Poetry Cosmetics,
    Shawn Gorritz with 3Quartermoon Creative,
    Shiloh Walkosak Facepainting,
    Davina Araiza,
    Iris Beaver with Rainbow Goddess Designs,
    and more!

    Dj Clint • 3pm-10pm:
    Kids Dance on stage,
    Performance: Brenna Bean,
    Music: SpiritHouse, 6pm
    Music: Lucifer the Cat, 7pm.
    Performance: PoiZen Fire Spinning, 8pm,
    Performance: Lauren Malanga's Mermaid Sirens, 8-9pm
    Mermaid Pageant, 9pm

    After the Storm, Mermaids Dance:
    10pm-2am Surly Wench 21+ w/ID
    Fineline Revisted: Mermaids Thirst.
    Dark Sirens Dance Party with DJ Stubbie $5 Cover
    Vendor inquiries
    Sponsorships Available!

    I have been their mermaid form the start and I'm super grateful for the kindness and loyalty shown to me. <3
    dress up, please share love to all the stores and venues, come visit me for a shellfie, be prepare for a super long day of pure mermaid and pirate ocean fun! its beautiful.

    More photos from previous years!
    ill add those when i get back. super busy day! lol
    come find Mermaid-Odette on facebook!
    my website is here

    <iframe src="" width="480" height="360" frameborder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>via GIPHY

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    Saw this too late. Might have to try and make it next year though

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    Oh shoot I saw this too late as well. Deffinetly will try to attend next years Tucson mermaid Odette, Thanks for posting about it!


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