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Thread: Merfolk Writer's Guild

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    Merfolk Writer's Guild

    This thread is for the exchange of ideas related to merfolk and story telling.

    Topics for Example
    1. Merfolk appearance in stories
    2. Conversations about stories that exist that involve merfolk
    3. Things we wish were in stories about merfolk
    4. Merfolk story clichés
    5. What's over done and what we don't see enough of.
    6. Short Stories we write or other writing material we wish to receive feedback on.
    7. Peer review of short stories to help each other improve. (Negative Feedback is not welcome, but constructive feedback is.)
    8. Things we do to get past Writer's Block.
    9. As this thread increases in use, new topics may present themselves that I have not currently thought of.

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    To start, I wanted to share the story I've been working on. I've been working on my Wayward Tides Series. I'm close to finishing chapter 4. One of my focuses for the story is the world it takes place in. I've spent years planning and working out a world that is alive and vivid where merfolk can take a major role in. Merfolk are beings of the sea. One thing I've always wondered about is how writers like Tolkien who wrote stories involving elves, humans, goblins, dwarves, and etc. never used merfolk. I mean, Elves live in the Forest, Humans live on the land, Dwarves live in mountains, Dragons can live in Volcanos, but the Merfolk are like a perfect representation of any race that lives in the sea. The ocean is such a vast environment with features that are much like what you find on land. I never understood how merfolk never took a more prominent spot light with everything you have to work with in the sea. So, that's what thing I decided to create. I decided to create a story with a strong underwater world. I wanted to create a story to show that merfolk could be a serious race to contend with in a fictional story.

    There are also a number of mythical sea creatures from island tortoises or whales to krakens to leviathans to elementals to merfolk type sirens to cancer the crab to sea scorpions (an actual prehistoric creature I've seen used to great effect in Sci Fi most notably the Sea Scorpion fighting a Vampire Squid in Sanctuary) to a vast number of things that I couldn't possibly list out entirely in one thread post. There are also real sea creatures that are as mysterious and impressive as creatures from myth. You have Colossal Squid with huge eyes and hooks in every suction cup, Jelly Fish (Some have eyes and others are almost immortal), Sharks that can navigate the magnetic field of the planet and sharks that were big enough to eat whales, Crabs and Lobsters that can feel the vibrations in the earth and react to them, and so many more creatures with incredibly impressive behaviors.

    As for landscapes, you have Kelp Forests, Sea Mounts, Reefs, Underwater Volcanos, the Abyssal Plain, the Trenches, and underwater cliffs at the continental drop offs. The landscape underwater is just as impressive as the landscape on land. It has everything it needs to exist as a world of its own.

    So, I don't know why merfolk don't appear in more stories. They are a mythical creature imagined for this vast underwater world. I partly think that certain public impressions of merfolk regarding sexuality and gender have made it easy for people to disregard them. That's a topic in another thread though. I will say this. JK Rolling, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Netflix to name a few have had merfolk appear in TV Shows, Movies, and Books, and they are incredibly successful. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire has merfolk appear, Disney is a given with Ariel and the Thirteenth Year, I believe Nickelodeon first aired H2O, and Netflix picked up the H2O Spin Off Mako Mermaids. So, my point is that merfolk aren't without success in media, so I still don't understand how they don't appear in more places.

    I'm not sure about other areas, but I know that Aqua Man and the DC Universe including some Wonder Woman Comics, Miranda, and even more have merfolk and other people of the sea. I've seen stories even break merfolk up into different groups with the more Fish like ones, humanoid ones, and the classic half fish and half human all existing in one story. Some stories have half merfolk that can go from legs to tail while other stories have merfolk that can gain human legs at will. In the Gates of Atlantis Series, the half merfolk are either merfolk with human appearance and can breathe underwater or they are merfolk with the ability to have a tail and not breathe underwater. Other stories like Pearl Tail involve merfolk that can't gain legs without wishing for it. Mermaids grant wishes in that story.

    So, finally, I really want this to be thread about the different merfolk stuff in stories we've seen or read and how things vary from one story to the next.

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    great idea!
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    I don't call myself a writer because I've never finished a writing project, but I do read up on writing advice and make attempts at NaNoWriMo every year. One of my favorite sites to go to for advice is There's even a page about writing merfolk!


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