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Thread: Is Mertailor the one?

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    Is Mertailor the one?

    This is going to be my first silicone tail and I'm excited for it, I've seen the work they do and it is amazing. If anyone has a Mertailor tail and can tell me a bit more about it that would be amazing. I'm not too educated on them other than videos and a few scattered reviews so I want to hear from people with more experience than myself on the brand.

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    It depends on if you want to take a risk. I personally do not have a tail by them, so take this as you will. I considered one, but ultimately decided against it. His work is absolutely stunning, but his customer service has never been very good. It seems to be 50-50 as far as tail quality goes. Some people have no issues at all, and others have tails that are barely usable, or are ruined after a single swim. It all truly just boils down to if you are willing to take a chance. However, if the tail does end up bad, he hasn't been known to offer refunds or free repair, so keep that in mind!

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    Hey there! my mersister and I both got spellbounds and they're AMAZING! Personally, I don't believe mertailor has a customer service issue AT ALL. In fact I'd say customer service is the one thing you'll never have to worry about with mertailor. You will always hear back from an email at earliest within the hour, at latest within two business days. None of the months of no communication like with finfolk. You will always know exactly which stage of production your tail is in and it will always be doe with in the original estimated time frame (usually 10-14 weeks). The one thing Mertailor struggles with a bit is sometimes looking over minor details of the design. For example, I'd drawn the design on my tail with a bit more details on the fluke, but the colors and shades they blended to do our color shifting was UGGGGHHH to die for! you have to see it in person to truly appreciate the beauty that is a mertailor paint job! just saw mermaid_ginger's tail in person today and OMG it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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    I definitely will and thank you. I never heard about the service issues before but I'll keep it in mind. Again thank you so much.

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    I'm also on the lookout for a tail in the near future, how do these price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChimera View Post
    I'm also on the lookout for a tail in the near future, how do these price?

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    You can find his pricing on his site. ( mertailor . com ) His basic spellbound tails start around $1250 USD, with just a fluke and one color. They go up from there.
    He has cheaper fabric tail skins available, and 2 silicone fluke styles for the fabric skins.

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    Mertailor's customer service has vastly improved, by the way. My friend usually gets a reply to her emails within an hour. The replies are very kind and attentive. Another friend was contacted by their customer service when they were notified that the first delivery had failed. They asked if everything was okay and whether she knew that the first delivery attempt had failed.

    I'm really impressed by their current lever of customer service, and I thought they deserved I said a little bit about it here.

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