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Thread: Shooting stills, and photos solo

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    Shooting stills, and photos solo

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any experience with taking underwater photos of themselves without help? Do you have examples? How'd you do it? I'm solo until i get back to school In a few weeks and want to get some photos of my tail In the water in the nice sunlit pool here but don't know how to (my underwater camera doesn't have a timer and the quality isn't nice enough to grab a video still)

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    If it doesn't have a timer it's very difficult to not take anything selfie like I imagine, maybe invest in one of these selfie sticks for underwater camera's? And otherwise you're probably gonna have to do with lesser quality from video stills

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    Not used it for underwater yet but robynn is right, a timer and interval shooting would be best. If you can get a plastic waterproof housing for your camera that has the ability to screw into a tripod mount this would be best as it'd allow you to control the depth and angle of your photos. Some tripods even have small hooks for weights to be used to hold them in place against wind, and in this case it would work against water currents. Once you've got your tripod setup you'd probably want a sizable memory card to store images, and to set your camera to shoot 2-3 photos every 5-10 seconds or so (giving you time to relax and pose for each).

    You'd probably want a camera that allows more light and has a very fast shutter speed to capture even the smallest movement without blur. Capturing your hair comes to mind as possibly the hardest thing to do without distortion. The lower your F-stop you use and faster shutter speed the better your chances will be at getting a crisp photo.

    For smaller cameras there are plenty of housing options available, as well as mounting options. I've even seen people use floaty toys as parachutes for their phones underwater, angled down at them. Your smart phone is capable of interval shooting, but with regards to lighting and the like I can't speak to it. I know the technology is advancing though and you can even get wider angle fish eye lenses that attach to smart phones which would be an immense help when capturing your environment. You can check out this link for some quick ideas.

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